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Friday, May 1, 2009

New! Improved! The 1.5 android SDK is here.

The android 1.5 SDK (based on the notorious cupcake code branch) is here and it is what the first release of the SDK should have been. Support for sound recording and playback through buffer manipulation (using the AudioTrack class) is something that game developers want. And easier OpenGL programming is now easier, too. However there are still spotty places. It seems that the new SDK broke a lot of programs, especially games. And the apk size limitation of 16 MB still holds. My application RSR kinda works but when you try to exit it, it freezes. So I will have to adapt it to the new SDK release. I will rewrite the openGL parts using the new classes and see what happens. Maybe I will try to use AudioTrack class, too...


John Mammen said...

Are you planning to port it to 2.1?
If not, I am willing to port it to SDK 2.1 as I am learning to develop games in Android. Let me know if its ok.

Tasos Kleisas said...

sure, be my guest. Since it's open source, do whatever you want.

John said...

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