Monday, April 14, 2008

Android Developer Challenge Part One Ends Today

Today the first part of Android Developer Challenge (ADC) ends. Good luck to all the folks who submitted an application! So in a few days or weeks we should have a new version of the SDK released, because Google did not want to release another SDK release before ADC ended, not to further confuse developers. As a lone developer, I depend on a stable SDK and toolchain and I think that the next releases of the SDK will fix things without breaking existing stuff. As you may have noticed, I did not update MonolithAndroid for the m5 series SDK, because I got an error message that informed me that the functionality I intended to use is currently broken and will be fixed in a future version of the SDK. I decided to wait for the fix, because I didn't have the time to change my code. Also, out of laziness and being put down by the major SDK changes of m5 series, I did not add any of the originally planned functionality to MonolithAndroid. Now that ADC is over, I will take my time in developing this little baby project of mine.

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Jeffrey Sharkey said...

Hey there, just wanted to share the Android application I just finished developing for the Challenge.

Scan is an Android application that finds pricing and metadata for anything with a barcode. Check out the 3-minute video showing it in action with real barcodes:

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