Friday, May 9, 2008

I did not win Android Developer Challenge but it's OK

A couple of hours ago I received an email from google that informed me that I am not one of the winner of Android Developer Challenge. To tell you the truth I was not dissapointed. I did not put a lot of hours behind my application, it did not exploit a lot of the platform features and more importantly, it was unoriginal. I am sure that Google's intent behind Android Developer Challenge is to promote original applications, that showcase their platforms strengths. MonolithAndroid (my app) on the contrary only shows OpenGL/ES and touch screen functionality.
To sum up (monolithandroid versus the winning apps):

So from the above, it is easy to see why my poor tiny app did not win ADC, and why I am not whining about it. The question is, can this meek app be transformed into a winner? I don't know, but I will do my best to make it better. And since it is open source, you can take a shot at it!
On Monday we will probably have more information about the winning applications, and see how good they are. Until then, congratulations to the winners (for winning!) and the loosers (for trying). Cheers, guys.

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Todd said...

Yes it will be interesting to see what applications are announced as winners. The few I've seen so far are pretty flashy, though I'm not sure how many end-users will actually understand and use them.

Our application (Puluwai: mobile real estate property search for Android and iPhone) was not selected by the judges either. I suppose we suffer from the same shortcomings as your Tetris-like application in that it's not a completely original concept. Still, there's something to be said for executing a well-made application on any platform.

I hope you continue to develop your game for Android and begin to take advantage of some of the powerful new features available in later platforms.


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